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Get in the Kitchen & Change the World.

Over 1 billion people overweight + Almost 1 billion people hungry.
Our global food system is broken & we need to rebuild it.

And that starts…in our kitchen. 
We can change the food system from our kitchen, by relearning where our food comes from and how to cook with fresh, healthy ingredients, by gathering friends and family around a home-cooked meal, and by savoring the time around the table.

The Apron Project is a small business with a recipe for food system change.  We want to start with people getting in the kitchen, add a good measure of style, a dash of social change, and a pinch of fun. #ChangeDinner, #ChangetheWorld

The Apron Project is founded by Ellen Gustafson: a sustainable food system activist, social entrepreneur, author and speaker. Ellen’s other ventures include the 30 Project, ChangeDinner, the Food Tank, Co-Founder of FEED, and she is currently writing a book on global food system change.











Sarah, acting COO, has a Masters in Global and International Studies and speaks Mandarin.  She likes to travel and likes to eat, Sarah sustained on yak cheese on the Tibetan grassland, tilapia of the Okavango River Delta, and fermented tea leaf salad in Myanmar.  She founded a social enterprise in India focused on providing Tibetan artists with a venue to express themselves and to sell their work to generate income.  Sarah is passionate about providing individuals and communities with tools necessarily for taking advantage of opportunities.    


Our first collection of Aprons are handmade in Rwanda by Indego Africa, an award-winning, design-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise that lifts women-owned businesses in Rwanda toward sustainable economic independence through access to markets and education.


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For more information on Ellen Gustafson, please contact The Guild Agency.

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